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Expedia Quick Connect with Easy InnKeeping


Expedia Quick Connect, is it right for your Property?

Do you want to try using Expedia?  Are you currently managing Expedia through there Extranet or another GDS system?  If, yes to either question, then Expedia Quick Connect the right choose for your property.  Expedia Quick Connect now directly interfaces with Easy InnKeeping allowing to you manage your rates and inventor in one place and displaying your rooms on Expedia with options to also display on, Venere, Hotwire, EGENCIA, trivago, Expedia Affliate Network,, and   

 Expedia Quick Connect


Joining Expedia for the first time?  Click here and complete the contact us form with Expedia.  They will then review your property information and contact you with the different options that would be available for your property.  Depending on the number of current request and your market area, it may take a few days to a couple of weeks to receive a response from Expedia.  You can also to review general information about joining Expedia. 

Switching form Expedia Extranet to Expedia Quick Connect with Easy InnKeeping can save you a lot of time and simplify the online promotion of your room inventory.  Click here to request a phone call about the benefits of switching and how to get the process started.

Switching from managing your Expedia reservations through a GDS service to Expedia Quick Connect with Easy InnKeeping will simplify your relationship with Expedia by taking out the middle man allowing you the opportunity to reduce your marketing expenses.  Click here to request a phone call about making the switch to save you money.

GraceSoft is now a connectable vendor with Expedia Quick Connect

The EQC (Expedia Quick Connect) team is pleased to announce that Gracesoft Software is now out of the Expedia QuickConnect ® soft-launch environment and has successfully passed all tests with no reported incidents with The Pelican Key Largo Cottages (6839376).  

Easy InnKeeping (EIK) 8.3 Release


I'm excited to announce some of the new updates to the Easy InnKeeping software and to mention some of the future changes that we are planning to add to Easy InnKeeping in the near future.

We love the feedback we get from you the user about our software solutions.  Please let us know what you think about these new updates.   

Feedback for 8.3

New Features/Functionality

Updates to your Invoice: We have worked on a few updates for that relate to the invoice for your guests.  We have heard your feedback about wanting to be able to add a logo to the invoice and being able to send the invoice through email.  Both of these features are now available in your software. 


  • Adding Logo to Bill has a two step process.  First, you will click on "SetUp" menu and select "Property Information", click on "Modify", and then use the browse feature located next to "Upload Property Logo" and click save.  Next, click on "Features" and select "Option Settings".  The first section of this page will display your "Billing Settings" and you will need to select "yes" after "Show Property Logo".   Now the image will appear in the upper left corner of each bill you generate.                                               Property Logo

  • Emailing the Bill is finally here.  Many of you have been asking for this feature.  When you open the billing screen, you will now notice a new button "Send Mail" between the Print and Close button.  Simple click "Send Email" and an invoice email will be generated for your review.  You will notice a "Message Body" section.  This allows you to add an additional message to any electronic invoice you send.invoice email

Guest Image that was added on the Easy InnKeeping 8.2 release was received with a mixed response.  Some of our users were excited, well others are voiced not needing this feature. Again, based on your feedback, we have added an option under "Option Setting" found under "Features" to turn this on or off.  Guest image On/Off


Database Optimization, currently we are anyalizing our database struction to find ways to optimize the speed of the software for both Easy WebRez (online booking engine) and Easy Innkeeping (Property Management Software).  This will be an ongoing project that will take many months as we review many different areas of the software database.  We did include a few background changes that will slightly increase the speed of Easy WebRez.  You will be notice, more updates regarding this project in the future. 

Tool Tip update, we have added the number of guest to be listed on the tool tip that appears when you mouse over any reservation from any one of the calendar screens.  The tool tip now includes the Guest Name, Reservation ID, Amount Paid, Amount Due, Guest Image, and now the "No of Guests".  


Online Shopping cart is a feature that is getting more use from you our clients. We have added some general updates regarding the the credit card payment option in this area of the software. You will now be able to view the past credit card information just like in the reservation screens of the software. This feature of the software will also be included in our New E-Connect Product that is scheduled to be released in the beginning of 2014. E-Connect is designed to be used to help organizations to communicate with their members, guest, clients, leads, or any other large group of contacts. 


Easy Setp page has been added to help new users get up and running with our software quickly and with less questions.  It will also include picture requirements that will help you the user to upload an image what will load quickly for your guest when using Easy WebRez as either an online booking software or Content Management Software (CMS) for your website. 


As we are completing the work and a few minor tweeks to the 8.3 release, we ahve already started the work for the 8.4 release that i'm expecting to see move live with in the next 30 days.  Here at GraceSoft, we strive to provide you the best Property Management and Reservation software to help manage your Hotel, Motel, Guest House, Inn, B&B, Boutique Hotel, Spa Resort, Motel, or any other independant lodging property.










EASY WebPOS , the point of sale software designed exclusively for Restaurants and Gift Shops is now available to help you manage your business. EASY WebPOS for Restaurants and Gift Shops is an application software that can be directly integrated with your Easy InnKeeping PMS to help manage your POS business by managing your menu settings and inventory, employee logins and user rights and can be used independently or intergrated with the Easy InnKeeping PMS.   

imac screenshot resized 600

What does EASY WEB POS do?

EASY WEB POS works great for your Point of Sales operations. The degree of usability and simplicity has been incorporated into the software making it user friendly for any level of of user.  People who have just a basic knowledge of using the computer can operate the system intelligently. EASY WEB POS promises you a secure environment, restricting access based you your preference limiting your exposes to the possibility of theft  and fraud. And lastly, EASY WEB POS intergrates direcetly with Easy InnKeeping PMS.   

EASY WEB POS in a nutshell


EASY WEB POS can be accessed from anywhere all across the globe from any nook and corner giving you the ablity to keep an eye on your business when away from the business.  All you need is just an internet connection and you will be managing inventory, accounts and other tasks in no time…..


We promise to give you stellar support in case of any fixes, bugs, usability problems orsupport resized 600 malfunctions. Our customer support is hear to serve you and your company needs.  


EASY WEB POS is entirely web based , providing you with the most updated version all the time, useabilty and technical support, and database management all the time.  




EasyInnKeeping (EIK) 8.2 rejuvenates reservation experience


Easy InnKeeping 8.2 was created to address issues generatedby the updated version of Internet Explorer, to provide two more booking options for for making reservations with in Easy InnKeeping, and a few more minor updates.  

Below highlights the primary updates to the software, you can also review the detail discription of all updates by reading the Easy InnKeeping 8.2 Release Notes.  We welcome any feedback you may about about this update or any other aspects of our software and service. 

IE 10 COMPATIBILTY is now complete

We listened to your feedback and have tested our software on the new Internet Explorer 10 browser and have made the neccessary updates to our software.  As a company, we still recommend Firefox as the browser of choice, but we also recognize the bennefits of the updated version of Internet Explorer and have listed some of the possiable bennefits of using IE10.

Top five reasons, why IE 10 compatibility is essential for EIKIE 10 resized 600

  1. FastIE 10 is fast. IE 10 renders pages faster than other browsers and performs incredibly well.
  2. Fluid - All graphics, video, and text in IE10 are hardware-accelerated. The good news is that hardware acceleration is balanced with battery power, ensuring you can be productive for longer periods of time before having to recharge. Mobility and productivity go hand in hand.
  3. Perfect for touch - IE10 is perfect for touch, and handles simultaneous points of touch and gesture-based input for operating your reservation software.  
  4. Easy, site-centric design - The new Internet Explorer 10 interface for Windows 8 dedicates even more of the screen to your sites, with full-screen web and navigational controls that appear as needed. 
  5. Safer - Better security is the number one reason that firms upgrade browsers. Internet Explorer helps you lead the way in protecting you and your business. 


This feature greatly simplifies the process of booking rooms, exspecially multi room and date bookings. Booking Rooms becomes as easy as you do other things on the PMS, with the aid of the Drag & Book Feature.

-  Forget strenuous booking process with Drag & Book.

-  Make reservations with one click of the mouse.

-  Drag & Book enables you to book multiple rooms of same type and multiple rooms of multiple types.

overlapping scren shots resized 600

-       Instant booking available with Multi Booking feature.

-       Strengthen customer satisfaction by making reservations almost instantly.

-       All in one booking screen along with the provision to capture guest image.


A brand new feature that has been introduced for the Room Type Calendars. This release feature provides you with the ability to block and book rooms of any number and of any room type. 

-  Book rooms using the UnAssigned Room Reservation screen.

-  Block rooms with the Reservation By Room Type screen.

-  You can now block room types, and your guest arrives they are assured of getting the correct type of room from you available inventory.  This gives you the flexiablity of assigning rooms as teh guest arrive at your property.  


Other Minor Updates

- Calendar Header Update

- Today Button added to the Calendar Charts

- Reservation Information Summary updated as a tool tip on the Calendar Screens

- Guest Image option added to the Guest Record details

- Report Menu listed added to the left on the Report Page


Thanks for using Easy InnKeeping, we welcome any feedback you may have regarding our products & services.




                 online reservation

Internet has provided a lot of easy ways to reach out to the things of our interest. In the last few years, a big rise is seen in the online shopping. It has become very popular in the recent times with consumers visiting the websites directly or simply through the search engines to different vendors for what they desire or require. This growing trend has made many website administrators to take advantage of the trend by simply providing the consumer with the online reservation funtionality which offers the guest the ablity to book instantly.

Online booking systems have changed the travel reservation process completely in last decade. More and more users are now moving towards online booking reservation system/ Global Distribution Systems (GDS) because of ease of use and instant confirmation. Booking reservation software saves a lot of time and beyond that it provides more than enough information about the inventory before the user does the payment to complete booking process. Booking reservation system/global distribution system offers online booking of flights ,hotels ,cruise and holiday packages.

         Top benefits of using a booking reservation software/GDS system.

  • The booking process in any booking reservation system is very quick. User can search, select and complete the booking by payment through credit card. User also gets the PNR or voucher confirmation immediately. 

  • Booking Reservation software / GDS Systems are available round the clock. You need to do an urgent booking at mid night?  On problem, the system can do the work for your property.

  • Latest booking reservation software takes preventive care of credit card information and don’t store the classified information. Online booking systems now enables websites to facilitate many hotel, motel and condo websites , a secure online transaction system, a reservation system which wasn’t there a decade ago. Thus the critical information is always safeguarded

  • The accuracy of bookings in booking reservation system, is much higher as user can validate every information at multiple stages before the actual checkout happens.

  • Booking reservation software / online booking reservation provides the facility to compare the prices from various sources. This helps users to choose the optimum cost for the selected services that fits into their estimated budget.

  • The greatest benefit of the online reservation system is that it greatly reduces time constraints of being available to take a reservation.  The online reservation is all about the touch of the button or click of the mouse to save time and energy. It simply reduces the duration of the task which normally will take hours, otherwise.  In addition, it puts the guest to work be completing the registration form.  

  • The most striking feature is that everything is migrating to the cloud. There is an Increase in the adoption of Cloud Computing in the Hotel Industry. When cloud based hotel booking systems emerged, the trend was regarded as a means to gain a “slight” competitive edge. Within a quick time, this perception changed. Cloud-based hotel reservation systems became more advanced and the increasing demand lowered their costs. Today, using a Cloud powered reservation system isn’t regarded as being advanced or fancy, i.e. it is considered a smart, practical decision.

Online Booking Software - Easy WebRez


hospitality systemsSecuring online reservations for hotels has been thought of, as a laborious process. But, in reality it can be simplified. With the growing use of online booking engines, hoteliers and users feel rejuvenated.Many providers (or middlemen) make tons of money through reservations made through their engine, thereby greatly reducing the revenue flowing into the hotel. Gracesoft is proud to release its online booking engine – EasyWebRez, whose sole aim is to process  online reservations in a simpler, economical way and in a way that profits the hotelier.

With the decline of traditional travel agents, hoteliers find themselves in the position of
needing to provide accurate, high-quality, real-time hotel information and room availability directly to guests,who are making travel plans themselves.With the tremendous rise of the Online Travel Agents (OTA),Traditional methods of making reservations have
dropped.The Online Travel Agents rule today’s scenario as they have explicit potential to drive new bookings to hotels that need to sell their inventory quickly.With EasyWebRez, everythings works out to be great.

What is an Online Booking Software / Engine???

An Online Booking Engine is essentially a Graphical User Interface that communicates with the Central Reservation System(CRS). For example, a hotel website can have an Internet Booking Engine(IBE) which guests use to check availability and make a reservation request. This allows some reservation records to be added to the CRS automatically by the guest instead of necessitating a hotel manager to manually record a phone or walk-in reservation, saving time and money.


It is the tool that generates tremendous revenue:

web bookingCertainly! Imagine that before there would be emails going back and forth for several times before the guests know if you have rooms available and at what rates, or you would like to offer them something special, then it would be another round of back and forth email communication. With EasyWebRez, you simply short-cut this process and making it simpler for your website visitors to make a decision to buy your hotel rooms from your own website.

It is a tool that increases efficiency:

Just stop guessing about how this might work out efficient..The efficiency can be explained in terms of accurate and on-time confirmation for your guests.This in turn , increases user experience two-fold ,and greatly transforms Customer Relationship.

More profits?
Yes, you could aim for that. But certainly, this will have to come from careful planning and successful implementation. By installing EasyWebRez ,we can not guarantee you to be expecting a tremendous inflow of reservations from your own website . You will also need to implement an online business strategy. By partnering with us, we will provide you with  solutions to ensure that your hotel will be doing well with more online bookings!

Benefits of using EasyWebRez:

  • Real time reservation. With an Online Booking Engine, you are 100% certain to close a deal with youe prospective guests. Guests, on the other hand experience a new level of satisfaction.

  • Easy to add to any web site.

  • Immediate and customizable confirmation e-mails.

  • Custom online discounts. “Promo Code” function allows your guests to book direct with you at lower rates. Hence, shifting bookings from OTAs to your own website.

  • Book by either room type or for the smaller property by room name.

  • You provide a more professional service. Using EasyWebRez rejuvenates the way you handle online reservations. It becomes more professional on your end.

  • Abundant time-saver. 

  • It reduces costs!

  • You can have your guest’s personal information for your database.

    Work with us as your Booking Engine partner, and we will provide you with an expert solution on how you can potentially increase your hotel website bookings to an unprecedented level.  


Changing the way hotels do business - Using EasyInnKeeping


Using a comprehensive efficient system

This invaluable product was originally developed to manage bookings, guest charges, check-ins and check-outs, room inventory and availability, and rates, all on a single platform accessed via a hotel’s computer system. Easy InnKeeping(EIK) has also interfaced with traditional hotel systems such as credit card terminals, keycards and phones. By providing a modern medium through which to connect and administer these fundamental operational tasks, EIK has done away with the disorganization, inaccuracy and inefficiency of paper-based methods.

reservation software,booking software,easyinnkeeping

And moreover, EIK has proved it's standards by interfacing with other dedicated systems—front- and back-office accounting, resort and package activities, housekeeping and GDS (global distribution system) connectivity.

EIK provides a single platform through which hotel staff can access, update and track all the relevant information concerned with the day-to-day function and well-being of the property, across all departments.

Using an Intelligible System

EIK is ever more user-friendly and intuitive. Even considering high rotation of employees, new staff are quickly and easily brought up to speed because of logical system navigation and streamlined user interfaces. The EIK Property Management Software product offers single-screen availability calendars (or “tape charts”) from which reservation clerks can enter and change bookings, check guests in and out, assign rooms, access guest folios and more. Systems are becoming increasingly flexible in accommodating rate changes, packages and overrides. Data is more comprehensive, accurate and accessible, allowing for improved tracking and reporting, uncomplicated accounting, and ultimately, enhanced guest service and increased revenue.

Using a strategic System

Thanks again to enhanced data collection, tracking (and reporting) improvements and the progressively integrated nature of EIK (many of which boast integrated CRM and revenue management capacity or at least interface to these systems), hoteliers can really take advantage of heightened customer relationship and revenue management abilities. EIK has been playing a critical role in identifying and tracking trends, defining rate, availability management strategies, and balancing wear and tear on guest rooms, while guest data affords plenty of opportunities to personalize the guest experience. This means Hotels can do a smarter business.

Using an adaptable system

While an international resort with multiple properties spread throughout the world needs significantly more extensive functionality from their PMS than a charming five-room bed and breakfast, efficiency is essential to both properties. In order to maximize efficiency of use, a PMS must be scalable to fit property size and amenities. A “light” version of the system covering room reservation software and a web booking engine may be all the small bed and breakfast requires. EIK provides you just that. An adaptable EIK caters to a range of property types, without sacrificing efficiency.

Using a cutting edge system

 A hotel has to have an online presence these days. EIK offers Web booking modules that can be integrated into the hotel’s own website. Online reservations are automatically updated to the property’s reservation records in the PMS, with a choice of automatic or manual confirmation settings.

 Online booking modules can accommodate group bookings, packages and last-minute deals, and access to special rates for corporate and industry clients.reservation software,online booking,innkeeper software

Today’s PMSs also provide two-way GDS (global distribution system) interfaces, connecting hotels to major online distribution channels like Expedia and Room availability and rates on the third-party website are kept up-to-the-minute via the connection to the hotel’s PMS, and any bookings made through the third-party channel are automatically added to the hotel’s reservation record.

But this is all old news, really. The latest trend is going mobile. Today’s spontaneous travellers are searching for accommodation and making bookings on the go from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. And EIK is at no loss in fulfilling these trendy requirements.


Booking Software complete with Email Marketing Tool


New Letter Editor Module, coming soon...

Easy InnKeeping booking software will be releasing an a new letter editor module that will allow our users to more easily create a high quality e-mail that can be used for communicating to your clients.  The updated letter editor will give you functionality similar to what you find from other email marketing tools like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. Easy InnKeeping reservation software offers the following benefits with it's current email marketing functionality.

Current Benefits
The benefit in using the current Easy InnKeeping email marketing tool, is that all your data is in one system.  You do not have to mess around with downloading and uploading contact lists.  Instead, you are able to easily use the bulk e-mail filter to determine who will receive your letter, create auto emails, and complete your necessary individual emailing requirements.

3 Ways to send Email
1. The bulk e-mail function is a great way to introduce your client base with promotions of packages, on-line booking deals, and special promotions that can include a call to action connecting your client directly to your Easy WebRez on-line booking software. 

2. The auto e-mail function can be used to increase customer satisfaction and TOMA (Top-of-Mind-Awareness).  The auto e-mail function, allows you to send out a pre-check in letter (*x’s) days before arrival, a thank you e-mail letters (x’s) days after check out, happy birthday & anniversary greetings, and a 6 or 12 month e-mail reminding them of their visit to your property.  Using these different options help you build Top-of-Mind-Awareness among your customer base encouraging them to think of you the next time they are planning a get away.  

3. The Individual E-mail function can also be used to complete your necessary individual emailing with your clients (example: confirmation, deposit e-mails, and etc.). 

Value of Service Report
The Value of Service report in Easy InnKeeping provides you with valuable information about the use and effectiveness of both the email marketing tool and the on-line booking engine, GDS bookings, and your overall reservation totals for any given month.  

Booking Software, Value of Service Report

We will be releasing details of the New Letter Editor Module in the near future, stay tune for more updates.  The New Letter Editor will also be included in our Web-based E-Connect CRM (Customer Relation Software).  



Tools for Higher Occupancy


Easy WebRez (online booking engine)

Turn website visitors into Guest.  Provide you visitor the ability to book instantly on your website 24 hours a day.  Easy WebRez is controlled directly through the Easy InnKeeping Property Management Software.  No double booking, no commissions, no extra updating.  Let your website do the work while you take care of your other guests that are at your property.  We can also customize the Easy WebRez booking engine to blend with your current website.  View Customized Solutions    


Auto E-Mail (TOMA – Top of Mind Awareness)

Build “TOMA” (Top of the Mind Awareness) with your new and old guest by staying connected automatically with Welcome, Confirmation, Thank You, Birthday, Anniversary, and Yearly Greeting E-mails that are sent automatically through the Easy InnKeeping Sofware.  The Auto E-mail feature is a great way to build “TOMA”.

Bulk E-Mail (TOMA – Top of Mind Awareness)

Easily promote your property during your slow times, with special packages and pricing to entice your guest to come back for another visit.  Offer a Family Night special with a movie and pizza, or a romance package with flowers and chocolates.  Promote a special event in your locale area to encourage your guest to make a special trip back to your area and stay another night at your property.  Be creative and entice your guest to make use of your property for any number of special reasons.  You can easily manage and review the effectiveness of these offers by setting up a PROMO code for each special event that you promote through bulk e-mails to gauge the effectiveness of the offer.

Sales & Marketing (Lead Management Tool) 

Reach out to your local businesses, organizations, or any other groups to promote your property.  Keep track of your phone & e-mail contacts and schedule them for future follow up to stay connected on a regular bases.  Bulk e-mail promotions & special offers.  A great way to cultivate business for your property, by finding travelers that will be visiting your locale area for business or special events.   




Site Maintenance Scheduled


We're still working on the speed issues some of our clients have been experiencing, so we've got a bit more server maintenance scheduled for tonight at 1 AM CDT. That's Wednesday July 25 at 1 AM Central time.

11:00 pm Pacific
12:00 am Mountain
1:00 am Central
2:00 am Eastern

Expected down time should only be an hour. We're sorry for any inconvenience but we're looking forward to a zippier Easy InnKeeping.

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